AKIMBO is a luxury multi-label concept store in Manila, Philippines that opened last June 2018 in Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio. It is home to some of the country’s most sophisticated and sought-after streetwear fashion labels. AKIMBO aims to bring in new designs, tastes, and styles from all over the world – a culmination of brands, designers, and artists who are making an impact in today’s streetwear and contemporary fashion scene. The multi-label concept store is more than just a landing place for clothing, but also a haven for the country’s growing contemporary culture seekers. The clean industrial interior design accentuated with art pieces and décor from Basquiat, Sorayama, and Banksy pieces, provide a perfect setting for the collection. The core purpose of AKIMBO is to be a destination where distinct styles and attitudes gather to make a statement. AKIMBO is a purveyor of good tastes. It is the landing place of unique finds, as well as a local spot for a community of diverse yet equally distinct individuals and tastes. Akimbo is both testament and monument to the elegance and riot, the mess and order of streetwear and fashion.

AKIMBO /əˈkimbō/ (adverb) - with hands on the hips and elbows turned outward.


AKIMBO G/F Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio

Tel: (02) 851-0953
Mobile: (0945) 977 7108


AKIMBO STUDIO G/F Greenbelt 5, Makati

Mobile: (0915) 734 0886